At PROUT Study, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to create progress through capacity development and develop the skills of tomorrow’s ideal leaders. With PROUT, learning paths, and courses we offered helps groups and individuals benchmark their future roles, speed up the social cycle, and build a reliable, secure community.

PROUT has every potential for being the sublime panacea for humanity’s pressing social problems and for providing the solid bearing for dynamic and harmonious social advancement.

PROUT is an all encompassing socio-economic theory. It penetrates to the very essence of human nature and prescribes a practical approach for fully meeting the total scope of individual and collective needs.

We do not claim that all problems will disappear from the society forever. In fact we recognize that clash struggle is an integral concommitant of cohesion: struggle of the two (“Thesis” and “Antithesis“) is inherent in any dialectical movement to emerge the Synthesis that bring the society again to the path of progress, stangnancy has to be broken, i.e. old orders have to be abolished, and new order must be established.

What is being claimed is that the Progressive Utilization Theory offers the most effective means for dealing with humanity’s problems, for preventing social suicide, for propelling humankind with balanced speed onwards in the attainment of our now unimaginable future destiny.


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